Arianna's Bakery  

Beanie's Chuck Wagon Beanie's Chuck Wagon was established in 1986 by David Esh as a family owned producer of mustard. The name of the company was dedicated to his wife Arlene, whose nickname is Beanie. Beanie's gradually started producing jams, pickled vegetables, salad dressings and specialty items to complement it's mustard business.

Dutch Gold Honey Located on the west edge of Lancaster, this family owned business began with three bee hives and has grown into a national corporation. Their motto still rings true, they "only pack the best."

Emma's Popcorn  

Glick's Homestyle Canning The Glicks produce a mouth-watering selection of jams, jellies, and pickled vegetables using produce from their own garden.

Golden Barrel Products Formed in 1980, Golden Barrel Products offers only the highest quality syrups, molasses, cooking oils, dry products and mixes in sizes from consumer to industrial.

Groff's Candies
A family owned business for two generations, the Groff's make tasty homemade candies that are sold at Lancaster's various farmers markets.

Groffdale Meadows Dairy Groffdale Meadows Dairy is owned and operated by the owners of Dutch Baskets. Our cheese and butter is made with milk from our own grass-fed cows. Be sure to visit the farm on your next visit to the area.

Hammondís Pretzels Voted best pretzels in Lancaster County repeatedly, they sure are good. Located in the west end of Lancaster in a small factory, Hammonds makes one excellent pretzel.

Kunzler Located in Lancaster, Kunzler is well-known for their delicious smoked meats.

New Holland Coffee  

New Holland Meats Since 1927, New Holland Meats of Lancaster County has been selling quality smoked and fresh meats at various Lancaster County markets. They make some of the best beef jerky you'll taste.

Sarah Mae's Mustard The Fisher family lives on a farm just outside Intercourse. Every Saturday from spring through fall they make soft pretzels, which they sell along with their own Sarah Mae's mustard.

Solanco Nuts  

Stoltzfus Meats Since 1958, Stoltzfus Meats of Intercourse have offered high quality fresh and smoked meats to their customers. They make great sweet bologna.

Susan Ann's Mustard  

Wilbur Chocolate Mr. Henry Oscar Wilbur began creating premium quality chocolate in Philadelphia in 1865. The factory moved to the town of Lititz in Lancaster County in 1913. Their Wilbur Buds are addicting.

Zerbe's Potato Chips These chips are uniquely handmade. The fryer is operated only once per week, so supplies can be limited. You'll enjoy the taste of these unique chips.

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