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Smorgasbord Basket
Smorgasbord Basket
    Hammond's Pretzels, Zerbe's chips, 4 Arianna's Whoopie pies, 2 Arianna's shoo-fly pies, Stoltzfus Meats sweet bologna, Stoltzfus Meats ring bologna, Wilbur buds, Wilbur Bar, Emma's Cheddar Popcorn, Emma's caramel popcorn, , Groff's assorted chocolates, Dutch Gold honey bear, New Holland coffee, Sarah Mae's honey mustard, Glick's chow-chow, Glick's sweet pickles, and Mule Feed trail mix.
    Many restaurants in Lancaster County serve their food Smorgasbord style, allowing for the wonderful selection and personal choice of food and serving size. This basket is made to have the same effect in a home or office setting, making it the perfect gift basket to send to a group of people. The Smorgasbord contains only delicious foods made right here in Lancaster County.

    Price: $97.99
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